New Identity Success Stories - Updated November 5, 2016
(Names have been changed to protect personal privacy)

"All Mobbed Up"

Sam was an accountant who thought he had stumbled on the job of his dreams. This position had everything he had been searching for. A rapidly growing company, a sexy young secretary, a flexible work schedule and his office was incredibly plush. And to top it all off, the salary was twice what his last job paid. So, when he was offered the position, he quickly snapped it up.

But there was trouble in paradise. After a few months on the job Sam began to notice some very odd things going on. Limousines would appear at very odd hours. Well dressed men with large briefcases came and went. When Sam would ask about any of this, he was quickly told to mind his own business.

And there were also some serious problems with the books. When Sam asked about several large checks written out to strange individuals, he was curtly told to ignore them.

Sam noticed that the owner of the company had placed a number of "ghost employees" on the payroll. These "no show" employees included the owner's entire family, two small children and even his brother who all received generous pay checks Sam was forced to sign and mail out - even though they never showed up at the office or did any work.

Sam learned to ignore these problems. Nor did he ever say anything about the second set of "cooked" books the president kept locked away in his safe.  

Sam eventually came to the conclusion that he was working for a mob-owned business and wanted out! He took some vacation time and launched a hurried job hunt. In a few weeks he received a solid job offer from a major accounting firm and jumped at it.

But when he presented his mob boss with the usual two weeks notice, the boss laughed out loud and flung the letter back at Sam saying “you don’t tell me when you quit, I tell you - now get back to work! ” Sam was sick with worry. But what could he do? 

Through our "Classic Ariza" method, Sam was able to create a secure new identity and move to another state where he now lives a safe and happy life as a bookkeeper for a major manufacturer.


Cult Troubles

John had a good enough life but like most of us, felt that something was missing. When a co-worker suggested he attend a free lecture on how to lead a happier life, it sounded like something he might enjoy. The lecture was interesting and everyone in the group seemed to enjoy John's presence. Indeed, they were extremely eager to make him feel at home.

Later he happily joined up but as the months rolled by it became clear to John that the group was much more interested in his money than his happiness. They began to lean on John to pledge larger and larger sums.

Suddenly, one night they blatantly demanded that he sign a promissory note for $10,000! He stalled for time, excused himself to go to the bathroom, crawled out the bathroom window, ran to his car and drove away hoping that that would be the end of it.

Unfortunately, these cults don’t give up quite so easily. They called John so many times that he had to have his phone number changed to an unlisted number. Then they threatened to use what they knew about John to black mail him if he didn’t pay up.

When he refused, all sorts of bad things began to happen. His boss received a copy of a forged letter with a copy of an arrest report attached that "proved" John was a wanted criminal! Then the IRS notified him that he was being audited for the past five years. (Apparently someone had called on their tip line and accused John of being an international money launderer for some mysterious criminal gang.)   

Through the detailed plan revealed in “How to Create a New Identity” John was able to say good-bye to his cult for good. Not only that, under his new identity he’s now an active member of an anti-cult recovery group that helps former cult members escape from these money-mad outfits. 


Patriot Blues

Peter, a middle aged man with conservative political views doesn't trust the federal government at all. He believes that the government has plans to use anti-terrorism laws to destroy his constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and seize his assets. He feels that the best way to protect his freedom and the freedom of his family against the rapid expansion of federal powers is to create an alternative new identity.

By stashing full sets of new identity ID documents along with $35,000 in cash in small bills in a safety deposit box he'll always have a “fallback” identity that can be activated at any point in the future. (We’re getting more and more customers like Peter these days)

Using the procedures discussed in our report Peter was able to obtain a full set of genuine ID documents including a new birth certificate, drivers license, two major credit cards and even a passport in an entirely new identity.

Now he can rest assured that whatever oppressive steps the government may take, Peter can quickly and easily shed his old persona, slip into his new identity and start living an entirely new life - free from government harassment.


Ex-Wife Stalker

Jim had been married to Susan for three relatively happy years. Then it all went wrong. Susan began to hear voices where they were none. She also began to spend money like it was going out of style.

Despite being a life-long teetotaler, Susan also began to drink heavily. Jim spent a small fortune on psychiatrists and doctors but after several long and difficult years he finally gave up and filed for divorce. Unfortunately Susan wasn't going to go quietly. 

She began to stalk and harass Jim. She would drive by his house shouting and beeping her horn in the middle of the night. She would suddenly appear wherever Jim went. At the mall, in parking lots and once she actually sat right behind Jim and his date at a movie! After several months of expensive legal maneuvering, Jim finally managed to obtain a restraining order. Unfortunately Susan ignored it completely and continued to harass Jim.    

When Jim packed up and moved to a city in a distant state, he thought that would be the end of it. But it wasn't. It only took Susan six weeks to locate Jim through the services of a private investigator. Then she picked right up where she left off, following and pestering Jim all over his new town.

Jim bought a copy of "How to Create a New Identity" and was able to finally say goodbye to Susan once and for all. He's now remarried and living a happy and secure life in another state under a safe (and untraceable) new identity.


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