A New Life - A Sailor's Life!

Updated November 11, 2016

John wanted to get away from a bad divorce situation. He wanted to drop off the radar and live where no one could find him. The sunny shores of Ft. Lauderdale were calling.

John combed through the local papers and found a neat gig - one that suited his purposes perfectly. Since he knew a little about wood working, he found a job working on the teak decks of a luxury yacht tied up in a local marina. The yacht belonged to a rich dentist who lived up north. The owner only used the boat three or four times a year.

John was able to negotiate a truly nice deal. Not only was he allowed to earn a cash income without any official paperwork, the owner let him sleep on board which gave him an under the radar place to live with no record of his whereabouts. The owner knew the deal was off the books but didn't care as he was getting his yacht repaired at a discounted rate.

And as an additional bonus when the dentist would show up, John would crew which meant he got to sail around the Caribbean each winter enjoying the sun. Here was a new life - a sailor's life that suited John just fine.

Jobs like this aren't all that hard to find. With taxes and employment rules as strict as they are today, the rich are eager to find people they can pay in cash without all the headaches of traditional employment paperwork, regulations and taxes. 

Men can work at construction and stay on sites, or work on ranches and stay in a "bunkhouse" or join a circus or traveling carnival as a worker. Today there are many different ways of vanishing into thin air.


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