Secret Name Change - Updated November 4,  2016

When I tell people they can get a new identity by performing a legal name change in secret, their response is always the same - they don't believe me.

After all isn't the legal name change process done in a courtroom out in the open with plenty of publicity? Doesn't the name change law require that the old and new names be published in a newspaper for all the world to see? Well, yes and no. The trick is knowing how the system works.

You can indeed change your name legally and keep the whole thing a deep, dark secret! But how can you keep it a secret when the name change law requires that the court "advertise" both your old name and the new name after your name change?

Most legal name changes are officially recorded in searchable computer databases. As a result anyone who wants to can quickly and easily locate a complete record of your legal name change - complete with a listing that shows both your old and new names. That blows your cover by providing snoops with an easily searched link between your two identities.  

But few people know that there are ways to perform a legal name change so that the details never get entered into any kind of database. The little-known key is this: there are courts that for whatever reason don't use computers. They operate by simpler rules. They lack the funding to do modern database entries so their laws are much less demanding when it comes to advertising your legal name change.

If you perform a legal name change in one of these low-tech courts you'll enjoy a much higher degree of personal privacy.

Yes, You CAN Perform an Entirely
Secret Legal Name Change!

While the law requires that your name change details be "advertised", there's many ways to interpret that legal requirement. Some courts feel that a small classified ad in a local newspaper where it runs for a week is sufficient. 

Some even go further that that - they only require that a 3X5 inch card be posted on the bulletin board in the courthouse lobby for a week or so.

These widely varying approaches to what constitutes an advertisement makes it possible to perform a legal name change that leaves little evidence behind for snoops to find.

If you know the details of each court's rules and procedures you can choose a court that won't publicize your name change in ways that will compromise you in the future.

In this way you'll be able to perform a legal name change and keep the whole thing a deep, dark secret! Through a legal name change you can create a whole new identity for yourself in a way that very few people will ever be able to discover.

Our report includes all the details on how to find the right courts that will keep your name change details quiet. We'll show you how to find a court where you can perform your very own secret name change.


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