How to Create a Raised Seal on Any Official ID Document!

Updated November 1, 2016

Many official documents will not be accepted by authorities if they don't include a raised seal that can both be seen and felt with the touch of a fingertip.

Here's a very simple way to quickly and easily create a raised seal on any document. Get yourself any large coin - a fifty cent piece will do nicely. Find a solid surface such as a wooden table top. Place the coin under the document and begin rubbing the surface of the document with your finger. Use moderate pressure and in a few minutes a nice raised seal will appear.

Of course you should be careful to keep the raised seal rather vague and avoid pressing so much that "fifty cents" appears on your document. Just rub around the edge of the coin to establish a round raised imprint. Then rub over the central part of the coin in order to get some of the central pattern in your imprint. That should be all you need.

I've never had a clerk take any more than a cursory glance at a raised seal. They know that the rules or the law requires them to check for the presence of the seal and if they can easily see one, that's usually all that's required. Very few real raised seals are crisp and fully readable - that's the exception. Most older raised seals are rather fuzzy in appearance which makes it extremely easy to fake a raised seal.

Or if you want a more crisp seal you might consider buying a seal from a printing store. They have generic seals that have the state seal in the middle of the seal with no lettering. The only problem is - these kinds of seals can be pricey - often over $20 or $30 in price. But keep it in mind that seals are readily available for a price.


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