Paper Tripping - Updated November 5, 2016

Why is there so much interest in the tired old paper tripping system? This dangerous and terribly outdated approach should have vanished way back in the 1980s. Yet we still get hundreds of emails each year asking for advice on how to use the paper tripping system to obtain a new identity.   

Under this dangerous and overused system you obtain a new identity by resurrecting and assuming the identity of a dead infant. You wander around a cemetery searching for the grave of a dead infant of the same race, gender and sex as yourself who was born around the same time you were but never lived long enough to file for a social security number.

Then, using the information on the gravestone, you apply for and obtain the dead infant's birth certificate and resurrect the dead child's identity on paper and assume it as your own brand new identity. 

Unfortunately this simple and strangely appealing system is terribly flawed and for that reason is completely useless!

There's simply no way you can be sure who you will end up sharing your "new" identity with! Remember -  Someone else could have visited that same gravestone before - or after you.  

One young man we know attempted to create a new identity using paper tripping and ran into serious problems the very first time he attempted to use his new persona.

He quietly checked into a motel only to have a dozen police banging on his door ten minutes later! It seems that he was sharing his new identity with a fugitive cop killer! And since his physical description was somewhat similar to the criminal, he spent two days in jail before he finally was able to convince the law that he wasn't their man. 

Another lady friend who tried to live under a dead infant's identity landed in a local jail when she tried to cash a check in one of those instant check-cashing stores. Once again, she was sharing her new identity with a fugitive scam artist who stole millions from a teacher's retirement system. In order to get herself out of jail, she had to spill the beans and reveal all the details of her identity change.

Unfortunately a new identity borrowed from a dead infant can very easily be identified and exposed as fraudulent. This is true because it will always be linked to other paper trippers by both the name and date of birth. Any police officer will be able to quickly blow your cover as police databases (including the federal NCIC system) are all carefully indexed by both name and date of birth.

Since this approach is a favorite of major criminals and is widely discussed in most prisons, there's an excellent chance you'll end up sharing your new identity with a wanted criminal. And that can create some serious new problems for you.   

While this system had its day, today it's worse than worthless. Unfortunately there are still many sites out there offering identity changing guides based on this tired and dangerous old system. Wake up! We live in a modern computer age - these old tactics no longer work and can only get you in a world of trouble.

So here's the bottom line on paper tripping:

Don't waste your money on any of the many books sold on the internet that promise to provide you with a new identity - unless you're sure they don't use the dangerous "paper tripping" system.

One of the most popular new identity guides sold on the Internet was written way back in 1973! Everything in it is completely outdated and dangerous yet it is still a best-seller online! Virtually nothing it contains is of any use in our modern computer age.

The best approach is to obtain a full set of genuine new identity documents in an entirely new name though official channels.  Our guide will show you how - without having to resort to anything as dangerous as old-fashioned paper-tripping!


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