New Social Security Number Issued - Legally! - Updated November 3, 2016

Here's some very good news for new identity seekers! Now you can get a new social security number and a new social security card in a new name through completely legal means! Most people still believe that it's impossible - but a new social security program makes it much, much easier than ever.

I had a very interesting chat with a social security worker the other day. He revealed that last year the social security administration had authorized the issuing of a new social security number to over fourteen thousand people! He expects that number will climb even higher over the next few years.  

For far too many years the bureaucrats at the social security administration have steadfastly refused to provide a new social security number to individuals - no matter how dire the individual's personal circumstances.

Then after several women and their children were murdered in cold blood because they couldn't change their social security numbers in order to escape a violent stalker, the publicity created so much heat - the government was forced to change it's old policy.

The social security administration has created a new program designed to help individuals in danger to get a new social security number so they can escape possible harm.  

Now for the very first time the social security bureaucrats will let you change your social security number! But first you'll have to do some paper work. (Keep in mind that a victim who can qualify for a new social security number could at any point in the future change their name legally.)

At first the requirements may seem a bit tricky, but they're really not all that strict when you examine them in detail. We know more than a dozen people who have successfully changed their numbers and it wasn't at all difficult. You just need to know the regulations and how they are applied. In short, to qualify under this new policy, you'll need to document that you've had your identity stolen or have been abused by another.

If you feel that you can qualify for a new social security number under this new program - apply immediately. If you can't get a SSA clerk to cooperate, politely ask for their supervisor and see if they will be more sympathetic. If they refuse, take the whole matter to your senator or congressman. It's your representative’s job to help you iron out any problems you may be having with various government agencies including the social security administration.

Though they will never admit it, government bureaucrats deeply fear citizens who are active letter writers and complainers. As long as no one complains to a higher authority, these clerks can get away with murder (which is what they've been doing for some years now by ignoring abused spouses) but when a complainer gets someone with some real power behind them, the situation rapidly changes. They know that a single letter from a Senator can land an entire agency on the front page and leave them in some very hot water.

Here are the Social Security Administration's notes (taken from their official manual):

You must prove that someone else is actually using your social security number to:

1. Illegally apply for government benefits (welfare, food stamps, unemployment compensation, or educational loans).

2. Obtain store credit accounts or credit cards (in your name).

3. Obtain employment (illegal aliens, fugitive criminals).

4. Pursue other illegal activities

5. Hide income from lawful taxation

6. Evade lawful prosecution for past crimes

7. Harass and/or stalk you

8. Cash in government bonds (taxes are due from the person cashing in the bonds, not the purchaser)

9. File fraudulent income tax returns (claiming non existent tax refunds)

Our report contains full details on how to avoid having your application rejected. You'll also get the insider tactics that will assure your smooth approval and the issuance of your new social security number. You’ll also learn all the traps built into the new law and how best to easily navigate your way around them.    

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