Creating a New Identity and a New Life Story....

Updated November 8, 2016

Here's another area of new identity planning that's an absolute necessity if you're to live under a new identity.. You've got to create a new "life story" for yourself and get it set in your mind.

Sit down with a pad and pen and write everything down. Fill in some detail but not too much. Read it out aloud over and over again until you've got it all memorized and can easily recite it from memory.

Don't get carried away. Your story must be believable and fit in with the times. Claiming that you had a great job but were laid off sounds very reasonable given the sad state of our economy. But claiming that you were a CIA spy - a James Bond type - won't be at all believable. If you're story is too unbelievable, you'll be instantly labeled a liar and a suspicious person who people will avoid.

You don't want to claim that you're something you're not unless you know the lingo. Claiming you're a doctor might sound like a nice way to get women but can you talk the talk? Do you know the language of medicine? What if you bump into a real doctor one day? He'll instantly know you're a liar. Keep it real.

Repeat your story until you're completely comfortable with it. Try to anticipate any questions that might arise. Make sure you have answers ready. Unanticipated questions shouldn't present you with any real problems as you can easy ad-lib answers for minor issues.

Remember that should someone ask an inconvenient question, one that you don't want to answer you can always say something like "I'd rather not talk about that if you don't mind". Most people will back off and quickly drop the question out of respect for your feelings.

Try to avoid providing information that can be easily verified. If you were to claim to be a doctor, there are online databases that list all the people who have graduated from medical schools. Someone could easily expose your lie in a matter of seconds. Employment "in construction" or having a job overseas would be much harder to verify.

Here's where it gets interesting. After you've repeated your new life story over a period of months or years you'll actually come to believe it yourself. It will become part of you and memories of your real past life will fade away. When you think about your past life you'll begin to wonder if it actually happened or did you imagine whole thing? The human mind is amazingly adaptive. You will actually become the new you.

When the second world war ended thousands of people changed their identities for many different reasons. Many were running from justice while others needed a new identity because their old Nazi identification papers were officially declared to be invalid. Others needed to obtain passports so they could travel to a distant land where they could begin a new life.


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