New Credit File Creation - Updated November 9, 2016

Can you really create a clean, new credit file in an entirely new identity? Yes, you can and you'd be amazed how quickly and easily it can be done - if you know the insider secrets.

Truth is, the people who are peddling credit cards are so eager to find new customers they'll overlook all sorts of financial problems in order to get a fresh new credit card into the hands of a happy, new, free-spending consumer.

When you apply for a new credit card with a credit card bank, the bank routinely checks it's database to see if you already have a credit file. If no record is found the bank automatically assumes you haven't done business with them and since you're a brand new customer they create an entirely new credit file just for you! This is standard operating procedure at credit card banks all over the country. 

The secret here is a simple one. The credit card banks are eager - very eager - to get new customers. New customers are their life's blood. Their sales reps are given large cash bonuses for signing up more than their monthly quota of new customers.

One trick is to catch them when they're in a big sales blitz and promoting the hardest. In certain situations you may notice that credit card banks are seeking new customers in an extremely aggressive fashion. When they're in that mode they'll be overlooking problems and even offering inducements including free gifts.

Perhaps you've attended the kind of public functions that attract young, college-aged people. If you see people there handing out free gifts such as T-shirts, sunglasses, even music CDs approach the table and you'll soon be handed an application form for a new credit card. 

On it will be a very short credit card application form. These operations have as their goal signing up as many people as they can as quickly as possible. In this kind of overheated situation the credit card banks are at a disadvantage, they're hot to sign up as many new customers as possible so you can easily take advantage of them when they're most vulnerable.

In our guide we give you specific places and situations where credit card banks will eagerly open a new account for you (which will automatically trigger the creation of a new credit file at the three biggest and most recognized credit bureaus.)

Get a New Credit File Through Secured Credit Cards  

Certain kinds of secured credit cards can also be used but you'll need to be careful about how the card works before you sign up. You'll need to separate the blatant rip-offs from the really valuable credit-building cards. The very best secured credit cards will happily create a new credit file for you as soon as you use their card for a few months. (Be careful though, some of these outfits are scams that charge huge up-front fees to people who are desperate to get a credit card! And some promise to report your purchases to the big three credit bureaus - but don't.)

In my report I'll show you which secured cards are by far the best for creating new credit report files. They're the ones that actually follow through and report your credit activity reliably. I'll show you which ones give cards to anyone who applies. Some even boast of "Guaranteed Approvals!" They don't care how bad your credit history is! They'll even give you a card - if you've gone bankrupt!

And these are genuine MasterCard of Visa cards not one of those worthless shopping or catalog cards.  

I'll show you how to use secured credit cards for maximum effect and warn you of the common problems and pitfalls most people run into when they try to use them to create a new credit file. The techniques I reveal are 100% legal and incredibly effective.

This Is Not Risky "Credit Repair"

I'm sure you've seen the TV infomercials. The sweet-faced young lady smiling into the camera urging you to call so she can wave her magic wand and make all your credit card debts vanish into thin air.

Don't you believe it! Most of these scamsters will bury you with fees and then drop you like a hot potato when they're sure they've squeezed you for everything you've got. Just because they say they're a "non profit" operation, doesn't mean they're on the level! Credit repair is a giant scam - nothing more!

A Clean, New Credit File is Priceless!

Here's yet another new identity scam that's used to rip-off those in search of a new credit record. They sell you an eBook that promises to show you how to create a new "9 digit number" you can use as a new social security number to create a new credit file. Their ad makes it sound like they'll hand you a clean new social security number without any hassle.

But they can't hand out new social security numbers. What they're saying is that anyone can apply to the IRS for a TIN (taxpayer identification number) or EIN (employer ID number). The TIN is used by the IRS to track foreigners who are not citizens but must pay U.S. taxes.

The EIN is used by the IRS to track employers. Both of these numbers are handed out to anyone who fills out a simple form. What the scamsters are telling you is that you can use these 9 digit numbers to replace your social security number on your credit card application when you want a new credit file.

Nothing could further from the truth! This whole approach is illegal and violates a bundle of federal laws and IRS rules and regulations. The IRS is now actively tracking these numbers, building a database and when they find one in a personal credit file - they prosecute. So don't play around with this particular approach as it's now outdated and dangerous!

The fastest, most effective way to create a new credit file is to let the credit card banks do it for you or create a new file yourself using secured credit cards. The methods revealed in my free bonus report "Quick Credit Creation" are quick, easy and completely legal.

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