New Birth Certificate - Updated November 4, 2016

Can you really use a new birth certificate to establish a new identity? If you look around the Internet you'll find sites that appear to sell nice, clean, blank birth certificates. Other sites offer software that contains certificate templates that can be viewed and printed out on any good printer.

The Birth Certificate Numbering System Fully Explained

Here's how the "secret" birth certificate numbering system works. The first digit is always a one for those born in the USA. Then there is a dash and a second number, which is the two-digit year of birth. This is followed by a random group of numbers assigned locally by the issuer. When you create a "new" birth certificate, be sure the number follows the following rules:

If the registration number is: #1-73-54898

The code breaks down as follows:
1-           - Born in the
73-         - Born in 1973
54898    - Random registration number

The good news about birth certificates is that there are currently about a thousand different formats in circulation. Though the government is attempting to standardize the birth certificate form, if you were born more than 20 years ago, back then each state had it's own unique birth certificate form. That makes it child's play to forge a new birth certificate. It also makes it's extremely difficult to identify which birth certificates are real and which are fakes.  

The best way to create an entirely new birth certificate is to forge one using your own as a template. Our report is the only one that gives you full step-by-step instructions on how to easily forge a new birth certificate for a new identity in any name and with any birth date you choose that will pass inspection by any clerk with flying colors.  

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