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New Identity Planning - Updated November 11. 2016

- Never use your home phone to make any phone calls that might reveal your new identity plans. Instead purchase a prepaid cellular phone with cold, hard cash. Only make your usual local calls on your home phone and then make all calls relating to your upcoming vanishing act on the pre-paid cellular. When you're ready to make your move, crush the cellular phone completely and discard it. Then buy another when you arrive in your new location. Do not give your new prepaid cell phone number to anyone. All you have to do is make a single phone call from your home phone (or a relative's phone) to your new city and you will have provided any snoops with a 24 carat solid gold link which they will use to blow your cover.

- Do not call your old doctor from your new location to request medical records. If you can, abandon your old records but if you must have them, tell your doctor you're leaving town and aren't sure where your employer will eventually place you so you need to take the most relevant records with you. If you have to promise to return them, lie.

- Never attempt to change the address on a magazine subscription from your old address to your new one. Sounds stupid but many a new identity seeker has been tripped up in just this way.

- Do not rush your pre-vanish planning. Take at least several months. The longer the better as long as you don't forge links between your old and new selves.

- Confide in no one! No exceptions! Do not change your daily routine. Go about your business as normally as you can. Do not alter your personal relationships. These should also appear normal.

- If you're really serious about covering your tracks, you can setup a foreign mail forwarding service right on the Internet. Just do a search for "foreign mail forwarding" on Google and select one. Unfortunately their services don't come cheap but you'll have a foreign address that is entirely untraceable. The Caribbean island of Nevis is one of the few place on earth where the government and the banks take privacy very seriously.  This address can then be used as an intermediary address between you and your offshore bank if you go offshore with some of your cash.

- Go to and get an online fax number. For a few bucks you get an untraceable fax phone number. When you receive a fax they immediately send you an email notice. Nice service and it's secure. Give them junk info or misinformation when registering. Give them only a Yahoo or Gmail email address.

- When you order your prepaid cellular phone, ask if they will issue you a number in some distant area code. Many cell companies offer this service. If they charge a few more bucks - cough it up as it's a bargain for anyone who wants to appear as if they're living in some far-off town.

- Once in your new area and living under your new identity, demolish your pre-paid cellular phone every two months or so.

- Rent a storage locker and place a very good lock on it. Place all the materials that might reveal your plans in it. On the morn of your vanishing act visit the locker and destroy everything.

- Do all your new banking anonymously through the ATM or online. Avoid showing your face inside the bank. Bank tellers usually have very good memories for faces. It's part of their job.

- During your last months at your old location you might want to consider using whatever frequent flyer miles you have to take a vacation. But be sure to travel to a place distant from your intended new location. Any other frequent flyer miles should be abandoned as they create an easily tracked link that leads right to your new identity.

- Forget library cards and registering to vote.

Remember, fail to plan and you can plan to fail. Pay attention to details or it will all add up to nothing.

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