New Identity FAQ - Updated November 12, 2016

Q: Will the new PASS ID law will make it impossible to create a new identity?

A: No, not at all! Former president bush signed the PASS ID law into effect. But it didn't take long for the states to realize that they couldn't afford to enact it due to it's enormous financial cost. Then President Obama came into office and promised on the campaign trail to kill the PASS ID law. Since then PASS ID has stalled with some parts of it being enacted and many others (those that create a nation wide searchable drivers license database for example) have been abandoned. Your only concern with PASS ID should be that if you want to create a new identity, you should - Do It Now - and not wait for new federal drivers license standards to be enacted. 

Q: A friend created a new identity by forging a birth certificate. Will this work?

A: Unfortunately, a new identity based entirely on a forged birth certificate alone is of extremely limited value from a new identity viewpoint. If you need a new social security number (required by federal law to get a job) a birth certificate by itself won't get you very far. 

I've heard you can change your identity by doing a legal "name change" in a court of law. Can this work?

A: Yes and no. The answer to your question depends on where you perform the legal name change. In some areas the court's record of a name change is entered into a state-wide easily searchable computer database. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to search the database and discover the link between your old and new identities.

However, in other areas the transaction is recorded only in the local courthouse records on a paper ledger which makes it all but impossible for anyone to search unless they know exactly when and where you performed the legal name change.

Our report includes a detailed chart that shows you which courts keep only local unadvertised paper records. These are the very best places to go to get a "secret" name change. 

Q: I've bought several books that promised to teach me everything I need to create a new identity. Most of them were rip-offs. I didn't learn anything I could use. What makes your report any different?

A: Despite all the glowing promises in their ads, most of today's new identity publications contain little or no useful information. Most are still based on the terribly outdated old Paper Tripping system. The only new identity guide you want is one that clearly states that it provides everything you need to create a completely new identity in an entirely new name backed up by a full range of genuine, officially-issued ID documents.

Ariza Research's "How to Create a New Identity" is the only step-by-step guide based on real-world tactics. It contains seven different systems that can be used to create an entirely new identity in an entirely new name of your choosing.

Q: I've seen dozens of sites that offer good looking fake id.   Are these any good?

A: No, most fake id sites are complete rip-offs. Back in the 1980s you could purchase all sorts of really high-quality fake ID (including blank Social Security cards) through the mail but unfortunately it's getting harder to obtain really high-quality fake id. Don't waste your money!

Q: Where can I find someone who will do the whole thing for me. I'm willing to pay. 

A: Be Very Careful!  If you surf around the Internet you may run into someone who will promise to create a whole new identity for you for a cash fee. It sounds so easy and inviting. You pay them some money and they do all the work and take all the risk for you. When they're done they hand you a nice neat package that contains a full set of clean ID documents all in your brand new name

Unfortunately these guys are pure trouble! They will either sell you stolen ID documents, or will sell you copies of the same documents they sold the last dozen suckers! They may be scam artists who will rip you off by charging you a hefty up-front fee (Usually $2,000 to $15,000 in cash) and then vanish into thin air never to be seen again. Or worse, they may be law enforcement types who will arrest you and drag you off to jail. 

We get a steady flow of complaints about these guys. We have yet to receive a report from anyone who was happy with such a transaction. Stay away from these scam artists!

Q: I've tried to get birth certificates from the vital record offices but the clerks are real jerks! They act like they're doing you a favor just to talk to you! At this rate it's going to take me forever to create my new identity!

A: Unfortunately this is a common problem. Always remember that the vital record files are, according to federal law, public records. Over the years various courts have supported the right of citizens to have full access to these records - despite whatever restrictions arrogant local officials might attempt to impose.

Also, few new identity seekers are aware that there's a rich and powerful world-wide organization that spends millions taking uncooperative vital record clerks to court to force them to release vital records such as birth certificates. Dozens of vital records clerks have actually lost their jobs and and also their pensions after losing one of these suits.

All you have to do is mention this powerful organization in an unthreatening way and you'll get instant cooperation! The full details are discussed in our report. 


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