Fake ID Warning - Updated November 3, 2016


Be very careful - there's an extremely clever new scam out there that's ripping off many new identity seekers. If you're not careful you'll end up as yet another victim.

If you've been searching the web for information on creating a new identity, you may receive an unusual and tempting email that contains a unique offer. The sender will claim that they have contacts inside a drivers license bureau somewhere near your home.

For a up-front cash fee they will have their inside contact create a genuine drivers license for you on the official equipment fully backed up by a DMV file just like any legal drivers license. And here's the best part - you can have your new license in any name you choose with any birth date you choose! This seems like a really great opportunity to score a genuine drivers license that will stand up to any security check.

Unfortunately they're lying! They have no secret "inside contacts". These people are criminals who have no intention of ever delivering on their empty promises. They will quote a fee anywhere of from $2,000 to $15,000 and demand half or more up front - in cold hard cash.

They also require that you FedEx the cash to them via overnight delivery. Of course to make the transaction appear legit they'll ask that you include several drivers license type pics of yourself along with your cash. 

What happens then? They take your money and vanish into thin air! The email address they used to contact you is an untraceable one from a web email service such as Gmail of Yahoo. Their FedEx address is surely a rented post office box with one of those commercial mail box outfits where they rented the box using a fake id. In the end you are left with no means of recovering your funds and nothing in return!

But that's not all that can go wrong! They might send you a set of stolen ID documents which could get you into a great deal of trouble. Either way you've been ripped off and even if you did realize that you've been cheated - who are you going to complain to? The police?

And even if they did deliver on their promises and provide clean new ID for a new identity, they'd be in a position to blackmail you at any time in the future. That's a situation you'll very much want to avoid! Don't fall for their tempting pitch.

Creating a new identity is strictly a do-it-yourself project.
Don't let anyone tell you they can do it for you!

Our report is unique in that it's the only one that gives you 7 different step-by-step systems for reliably creating a new identity complete with a full set of genuine ID ( no fake id ) in an entirely new name.  

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