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Can fake ID be used as a foundation ID document for a new identity? No, it can't! At first glance it all seems very simple. You go on the Internet, buy a fake id in some new name - usually a fake drivers license - and build a new life based upon that single document. If only it were that simple!

Fact is - using a fake id today can be extremely dangerous - in fact it can be your passport to a legal disaster. These days online verification terminals are popping up all over the place. Back in the 1990s the police were the only ones who had ready access to online drivers license verification - but now just handing a fake ID to a bar bouncer could land you in jail!

Pay attention as what I'm about to tell you could save
you a lot of time, trouble - and a whole lot of cash!

The most important thing you have to know about fake ID is that you'll have an very hard time actually getting your hands on really high-quality fake id. If you're lucky enough to know someone who's in the fake id business you might be able to convince them to make one up for you. Even then you'd both be taking a very big legal risk. 

But what about all those great-looking fake id sites on the internet? It's like a supermarket of fake id out there! The bad news is that with rare exception - they're all rip-offs! They'll promise you the moon to get you to send them your cash, but when it comes time to deliver, you get little or nothing. They just take your money and run.

If you complain - they'll threaten to post your picture out on the web as a fugitive child molester! Or if they do bother to send you some sort of new ID product, you can bet it will be so low quality it wouldn't fool anybody. (some fake id sites guarantee to deliver fake drivers licenses, but when your license arrives it's a worthless go-kart license!)

And don't fall into the common trap of thinking that just because a site includes an email address and/or a phone number that will make them reliable. Email messages and phone calls from irate suckers can be easily ignored.

Another common belief is that if you order your fake ID from a source that's located overseas (Usually in England or Sweden), you're more likely to get good-quality ID. NOT TRUE! Foreign governments under pressure from the U.S. are going after these overseas suppliers.

Here's yet another trap. Many of these outfits set up phony "fake ID review" sites where they praise the exceptional quality of their own products. It's all lies! Or the really clever ones launch sites that state that they are trying to shut down the fake ID industry by publishing the URLs of the very best, highest-quality fake ID sites. (So you can avoid doing business with them) It's all just a scam to make you think that their site is the very best - then they rip you off and laugh all the way to the bank.

Never send cash through the mail or by FedEx to anyone! If you do, be sure to kiss your money goodbye before you send it off!

If a fake id site seems to offer good drivers licenses, try doing a Google search on their business name or URL (In quotation marks) and I'll bet you'll find a ton of complaints from irate ripped-off victims.

Here's an actual case history which is, in our experience rather typical. A girl I'll call Susan wanted a fake id for her new identity. She went out on the web in search of a good deal. First she sent off an order to two fake ID sites that featured slick looking fake drivers licenses on their web sites. The samples on their sites looked really good. Two months later she was still waiting! (despite having paid extra for "express overnight" priority service) Result: over $200 down the drain! 

These scam artists know they can rip people off simply because they know it's highly unlikely their victims will ever complain. Exactly who would they complain to? 

On a later attempt Susie finally got something for her money. But what was advertised as a state-of-the-art fake drivers license arrived without the words "drivers license" on the front. The font and the colors were all wrong - in short - the thing looked terrible. It was a worthless piece of junk.

Another firm gave claimed to provide "express service" but upon close examination the photo and font looked a bit fuzzy. Not bad, it might even be useful under some circumstances. At least that's what she thought until she flipped it over and read the back. Across the back in bold red ink was stamped "Not a Government Document - Novelty Document Only". She kept looking.

Her next drivers license took over two months to arrive but was clearly the best of the lot. Though the hologram was not quite right, she managed to use it several times during the first few weeks. At last Susie was a happy camper.

Unfortunately several months later she read in the newspaper that the outfit that had created her best fake id had been busted. The police announced they had seized the firm's records and would be investigating all past customers! Oh No! She had no choice but to burn the damned thing! When the detective showed up at her door she pleaded stupidity.

So what's the moral of our sad little story? Total spent - over $650 and nothing to show for it!


great-cop-pic.jpg (1793 bytes)

Now tell me - do you really want
to hand this guy your fake id?

We've seen it happen so many times. Someone will purchase fake ID documents and attempt to use them as the foundation of an entirely new identity. No matter how you plan to live your new life, eventually one or more of your identity documents will come under close scrutiny.

It might happen when you apply for an apartment lease, when you attempt to open a bank account, or when you apply for insurance or when you buy a car. Then there are the police. What will you do when a cop pulls you over out on the highway?

However it unfolds, you can be sure that someday someone is going to take a long and careful look at your identity documents. And when that happens, your fake id can only get you into trouble - a whole lot of trouble.   

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