Debt Free is Key

Updated November 5July 2, 2016

Many identity changers are tempted to run up their bills before they depart to live a new life in parts unknown. Take it from me - this is a big mistake! I've known several people who assumed that they would be able to leave their debts behind when they skipped town but lived to regret it.

My heartfelt advice is simple - pay off ALL your bills before you move on to live under a new identity. When you're trying to establish your new life under a new identity the very last thing you need is some nasty bill collector digging around trying to find you in your new town. The fewer people on your trail the better. Why create future headaches for yourself when they can be easily avoided? It just doesn't make sense.

One lady I know left Oregon for a new life in Florida only to have a lousy $83 debt to her old phone company expose her new identity. All it took was a hyper-aggressive bill collector making repeated phone calls. It's amazing how aggressive and relentless these guys can be when pursuing even small sums. This is their bread and butter - this is how they make their living grinding out small commissions on small amounts.

Return your cable box. If you can find somewhere to live until all your final utility bills are calculated and mailed to you - that would be best. Though I'm sure your creditors will offer the service, you won't want your old bill sent to you at your new address. That wouldn't do.

If you've ever tried to terminate a credit card account you'll know it's not easy. The credit card banks have you on the hook so to speak and they don't want you to wriggle off their hook so they will resist any effort to end what for them is a highly-profitable relationship.

The best thing to do is simply to pay off the outstanding balance and then chop the cards up and throw the bits away. It's quicker and a lot easier than making repeated phone calls to the bank hoping they'll terminate your card - which they very definitely don't want to do.

Preparing to leave a town can create some nasty surprises. When I was leaving one town I went to my pharmacy to pick up my last prescription. Like an idiot I informed them that I was leaving for a new life in a distant city. The response was "just a minute please". The pharmacist went into the back and ten minutes later slapped me with a bill for over $200 and refused to provide me with my drugs until I paid it in full. He said it was to cover some costs my insurance hadn't covered. Sometimes it's better to keep your departure a deep, dark secret.


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