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The "Too-Perfect" New Identity Document
Real identity documents are never absolutely perfect. Take a look at your real birth certificate and you'll soon see what I mean. If your new identity document looks too clean, too spotless and too pretty, a trained clerk will instantly notice it and that could get you into big trouble.  

Most genuine birth certificates have been around for years and have numerous physical flaws from wear and tear including ink blotches, dog-eared corners and permanent creases where they've been folded and refolded many times over the years.

If your birth certificate looks too good, rough it up a bit. Fold it a couple of hundred times, bend over a corner or do whatever it takes to make the document look suitably old. (Our report includes the details of several different methods for quickly aging birth certificates and other ID documents in completely undetectable ways.)

Whatever you do don't soak your documents in coffee, tea or vinegar - clerks are trained to sniff documents for the odor of those liquids.

Know Thyself

Clerks in drivers license bureaus aren't completely stupid! They're trained to use a clever trick you should be aware of. When you hand them your birth certificate, they'll hold it close to their chest where you can’t see it and then demand that you recite your full name, the names of your parents and their birth dates from memory!

The clerks know that any legitimate applicant can easily rattle off the requested information but anyone who is using fake id won't be able to recall everything from memory. Be sure you can recite this info right off the top of your head. Carefully memorize everything on your birth certificate before you even think of handing it over to a clerk. Always make like a boy scout - be prepared!

Leave Genealogy to the Genealogists
When requesting birth and death certificates from vital records offices, never indicate that you’re requesting the documents for “family research” or genealogy purposes. Ask any experienced Genealogist and they’ll tell you their many horror stories.

Getting a birth certificate that way can easily take up to three months - or more! Instead use an excuse that requires swift action from the clerk that processes your order. (Our report includes several different strategies for getting quick overnight priority handling.) 

Mixing Typefaces/Fonts

This is probably the most common mistake most beginners make. Most novice forgers will mask out some but not all of the original typewritten information on a copy. They will then type in new personal information in a new font. Because it looks official enough most forgers leave it at that.

But while it may look great to a rookie, those trained in spotting forged documents (such as clerks and law enforcement types) will instantly notice this kind of silly mistake. In order for your document to be accepted as genuine - the typeface must be uniform throughout the entire document.

Bragging or Taking Someone Into Your Confidence

After you’ve created your new identity - you must keep it a complete secret! Trust no one with the details! And I do mean no one! You may be tempted to brag a bit about your accomplishment, and that’s understandable. Or you might want to help someone else create a new identity for themselves. But whatever you do, don’t give into the temptation! It’s the quickest route to “blowing your cover.” I can't tell you how many people are sitting in prison because they took someone into their confidence.

When you reveal your secret to another, it's as if you're handing them a loaded gun. From that moment on they'll have an extraordinary degree of power over you as they’ll be able to expose you at any time they choose. You simply cannot relax and be secure in your new life unless your new identity is an absolute secret.

Carrying Around Dual Identity Documents

Carrying around ID documents in several different names is just plain stupid. Cops are in the habit of digging through everything in the pockets or purse of anyone who falls into their hands.

If they find multiple sets of ID, they'll immediately jump to the conclusion that you're a wanted criminal on the run and quickly put you under lock and key until they can uncover your true identity.

Be sure to get rid of your old identity documents. Dump them in a safety deposit box or stash them behind the freezer in your Grandmother’s basement. Whatever you do, don’t carry anything around that links you back to your previous identity. 

Keeping Old Magazine Subscriptions

Here's an important short story. The police offered a private investigator a $50,000 cash reward if he could locate a particular murder who as a fugitive from justice. The police had been looking long and hard for this particular criminal with little success.

The private investigator asked what the fugitive did for a living. When he learned the man was an architect, he phoned the offices of the most popular architectural trade magazine who provided the man's current home address in two minutes flat! 

The stunned police quickly arrested the criminal and the private investigator went home with a check for 50 grand for a total of only two minutes work! The motto here is - never transfer any record directly from your old name to your new one. (Find new hobbies as the police often use a person's passion for a particular hobby to locate them.)

That creates a permanent and easily traceable link from your new identity right back to your old identity. Instead, let old subscriptions lapse. If you really need to read a particular publication, purchase a completely new subscription later using your new name and address or buy copies for cash at a book store.


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