Fake ID vendor on the street in Bangkok, Thailand

How to Buy Fake ID

Updated November 8, 2016

Fake ID can get you into a lot of trouble so be very careful about where you buy it and who you buy it from. Recently when college-based fake id sellers were busted the police obtained their records and systematically prosecuted all their customers.

Never Give a Fake ID Seller Your Real Personal Information!

If you do you're inviting them to steal your identity and identity theft is no joke.

Let's go through the basics of buying fake id intelligently.

1. If a fake ID seller accepts payments through Paypal or any other
major credit card processor – you can bet your life that they’re going to ship
you junky fake ID, not anything you could actually use. The major payment processors would never agree to work with a real
fake ID peddler.

2. If the provider is located within the US or Canada, they’ll almost
certainly be crooked and will rip you off. Selling fake ID in the U.S. is a serious crime while in other countries law enforcement is much more casual. Only the firms in countries
that don’t enforce US ID laws can be at all trusted. I’ve heard that
some very nice, high quality ID is coming out of England and Sweden.

3. If a fake ID seller requires that you sign some sort of agreement or contract, be sure to read it very carefully as it may contain provisions that will allow the seller to blackmail you in some way in the future. This is a common scam.

4. In an effort to convince you that they're honest and at the same time extract from you huge additional fees, some sellers will offer one of two day express service. It's just another scam.

5. Never buy fake id from someone who knows you. That's a real invitation to disaster. They'll rat you out in a heartbeat if it will get them a reduced sentence. Always buy anonymously or don't buy.

6. Never buy any kind of fake id on the street. In big cities you'll find homeless types offering all sorts of ID documents including drivers licenses, credit cards and even passports. Problem is, they were stolen from mugged people or in some cases taken from people who were killed on the streets. Imagine trying to explain how you came into possession of a murdered man's drivers license!

7. If you get an email from someone who claims they can provide you with a complete set of new identity documents in any name you choose - stay away! This sounds like an ideal solution but the seller will be in a position to blackmail you at any point in the future. And, in most cases the set of documents they're peddling have been reproduced many, many times and sold to countless other suckers. And of course the identity will be very well known at your local police department.

8. If you can afford a trip to exotic Thailand, you'll find streets in the capitol Bangkok (see the picture above) where you can purchase any kind of fake id your heart desires - right out on the street in plain view. The only ID they don't deal in are local Thai documents.

A friend recently (2015) went to a working section of London, England. He explained his desire to obtain an American drivers license to a barkeeper at a neighborhood pub and offered him a 50 pound (approximately 75 U.S. dollars) if he could put him in touch with the right people. The barkeep made a few quick phone calls and handed over a phone number of just the right person. My friend returned home with just the ID he needed.

I've heard that American tourists wandering the streets of Stockholm, Sweden are often offered fake id by street vendors. Rumor is the ID is of high quality though a bit on the expensive side ($1,000-$2,000)

One closing note about fake id. Be very careful about carrying fake id around on your person. Laws in the U.S. have been tightened up and just being found with a fake id in your possession can be considered a crime in many areas.


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