ID Documents That are Accepted by Some States
to Qualify for a Delayed Birth Certificate:

Church Records
Medical Records
Baptismal Certificate/Circumcision Certificate
Military ID or Discharge Papers (DD-214)
School Transcripts
Voter Registration Card (ridiculously easy to obtain)
Marriage license (or completed application form)
Census Record
Social Security Number Confirmation (from SSA) or SSN Application
Insurance Application
Lease Contract or Application
Your Child's Birth Certificate
Newspaper Notice of Your Birth
Family Bible Record
Employment Record
Sibling Birth Certificate
College Records/Transcripts
Employment Application
Union Membership Card


Note: Some states require that these documents be at least five years old or that they were issued after your fifth or tenth birthday. Ask for details. 

Last update: November 4, 2016

As you can see - there's plenty of room to maneuver here. Some of these documents are much easier to obtain than others. One particularly interesting document they will accept is a signed statement from someone who was present at your birth. Some have reported that such a statement can be easily forged. A close friend of your mother's might very well have witnessed your birth.

Did you know that almost a third of the people walking the streets never had their birth properly recorded with the vital records department? Itís true! Births were not recorded for a variety of reasons. Some parents belonged to religions that actively discouraged registering an infant's birth.

Some children were born in such poverty that the paperwork was the last thing on the parent's mind. Some were born in remote areas where access to government was severely limited.

During the free-love 1960s many unmarried couples had kids and had no interest in filling out "big brother's" forms. Some babies were born in cults who discouraged such registration. And some were adopted which leads to a host of birth registration problems.

Some births were never recorded because of strong religious objections. Quakers and others refused to register their newborn babies. If someone's parents were religious Quakers it would easily explain why there was no record of their birth.

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