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Hiding Your New Identity ID - Updated November 11, 2016

You must be extremely careful about ID security or your whole plan to create a new identity could be exposed - in a flash.

Where should you store your stash of cash and identity documents until you're ready to skip town? The first thought most people have is to run down to their local bank and rent a safe deposit box. Wrong - bad idea! There are far too many rules and banking regulations that apply to safe deposit boxes.

In this country there is no banking privacy! Any law enforcement type can flash a badge and gain instant access too all your various bank accounts. The banks won't put up a fight. The mere fact that you have a box will be recorded in several different databases under your name and SSN. Also, an online SSN verification will be required before a bank will provide you a new box.

Though those nice tellers down at the bank appear harmless enough, in today's emerging police state they are big brother's spies. When push comes to shove they will rat you out without hesitation!

They'll never tell you to your face but every time you move more than a few hundred bucks around, your friendly local banker will promptly report your dealings to the feds (try searching the web for info on "FinCen" for more details of federal banking monitoring). They smile and speak to you politely - but they are not your friends! When the chips are down they will sell you out in a nanosecond!

The best bet here is to use either a commercial box rental firm where your box will be much safer from prying eyes or better yet, your friendly local storage locker company.

You should be able to get full 24-hour access to your locker and many of the storage locker outfits will also allow you to use your own lock. If they don't, keep searching until you find one that does.

Master lock recently released new tamper resistant padlocks that include a forged collar that covers most of the shackle making it almost impossible to cut. I'm sure the government will eventually require online driversí license verification at some point in the future, but for now I've yet to hear of a storage locker place that does. You should be able to rent the locker using almost any kind of ID without too much trouble. Just be very sure that their rental bill is paid regular as clockwork.

Ask if they allow a discount for pre-payment, most do. Be sure to take full advantage of it. If you forget to pay, they will have the right to open your locker and auction off your items, which would not be a good idea at this point.

Never, ever claim your new identity storage locker or safe deposit fee as a deduction on your taxes. The IRS takes a special note of such deductions. If they even remotely suspect you of hiding something from them, they'll immediately refer to your tax return to see if you have a deduction.

When you rent your locker pay several months rent in advance in cash. Then in the future pay by mail with money orders. If the application asks for your SSN and/or license tag number, be very careful about giving them the wrong information.

Destroy the receipt or hide it somewhere away from your car and residence where it will be safe. Hide the key in the same manner or just add it to your key ring along with the others. You can always claim to forget what the key was for.

Avoid all further contact with the staff. Come and go when the front office is closed. Don't appear to be doing anything that would arouse suspicion. Most of these places have video cameras that scan each isle. There are those who have removed the bulb that illuminates their rear license plate to make vehicle identification more difficult.

Store your new identity materials in those letter sized document storage boxes the office supply stores sell. Seal each box with wide masking tape so that anyone who attempts to gain access will leave telltale damage to the tape. Write "old business records" or "Christmas lights" on the outside of the boxes. This will discourage anyone who might gain access to your locker.

If you want, you can store some cash and other documents in your residence securely by simple wrapping them in aluminum foil and writing "FISH" on the package using a frozen food pen. Who would ever take the time to go through all the frozen food in your freezer? (That's what they call cold cash)


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