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[Updated November 24 2008]

Name change laws are very strange. Though most people assume that when you go through a legal name change, the whole process is an open book. Court records are created, public notices are posted and the final record of the change is entered into a computer database that can be quickly and easily searched by anyone who wants to invade your privacy. In short, despite the name change - anyone can quickly find you.

But there are loopholes in the law. If you know the secrets, you can perform a 100% legal name change without all the public scrutiny. You can now complete a name change without the need for expensive lawyers, embarrassing court appearances, public notices or searchable computer database records.

You Can Perform a Name Change and
Completely Vanish - So No One Can Ever Find You!

Why are so many people resorting to a legal name change? Because it's the only really effective way to walk away from past problems. Though changing your name may sound like a drastic step, today more and more people are doing it.

Why? Because the only truly effective way to get a second chance at life is to create a brand new identity - in a fresh new virgin name - supported by a full set of genuine identity documents. Only then can you forget your past and at the same time guarantee your future freedom.

A Name Change is the only way to create an entirely new identity
on which you can build a safe and secure new life  

Over a decade ago Ariza Research published it's very first identity changing guide. It quickly became an underground classic with hundreds of photocopied copies being passed from person to person. 

Then in October of 1995 for the first time we offered it for sale on the internet. Back then our little guide was only 40 pages long. But today our newest, fully updated version is over 176 pages thick!

Over the years our underground guide has helped many people get a second chance at life by providing them with real insider secrets from the fascinating world of underground identity changing. It contains a wealth of street-wise information drawn from many years of personal experience.

But make no mistake - our report is unique. Unlike others, ours is a step-by-step guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process of creating a clean, fully documented new identity in an entirely new name.

Ours is the ONLY step-by-step
identity changing guide available anywhere!

Through our report we've helped individuals escape from abusive family members, cults, the mob, vindictive ex-spouses, violent neighbors and just plain crazy people. 

"This information is the best I've seen on how
to get away from snoops and other pursuers."

Most of our competitors are selling variations on the same old paper tripping system that will only get you into trouble - a lot of trouble. Our updated report actually contains six entirely different identity changing systems, including several brand new approaches. No dangerous paper tripping and absolutely no fake ID

"This is the information I couldn't
find anywhere else - Thanks guys!" 

But that's not all! From time to time we get wind of novel new appraoches to identity changing. Naturally we're extremely skeptical until we've carefully tested them in the only place that counts - the real world. Most prove useless but occasionally we find one that works well. We then include it in our guide. We work hard to keep our guide updated with all the very latest tactics.

The latest version of our guide now includes five completely different identity changing systems! This rare insider information is what makes our report so effective.

Don't Get Ripped Off!
Some of our competitors charge $100 or more!
We give you five times as much information for a small fraction
of their price! It's like getting six books in one!
There's never been anything like it before!

In Our Updated 2008 Guide you get:

6 Different Ways to Change Your Identity!

Chapter #1 - Update 2008
Here are all the very latest details on creating a safe new identity in our
modern computer age!

Chapter #2
- The New "Internet" Method - Page 17
This is by far the fastest and easiest way to create a new identity -
And you can do the whole thing right here on the Internet!

Chapter #3 - The New "Living Dead" Method - Page 26
Now you can assume the identity of someone else -
(with their full cooperation!)

Chapter #4 - The Classic Ariza Method - Page 30
This completely updated version always works like magic!

Chapter #5 - Foreign Citizenship Method - Page 60
Did you know that many countries sell their citizenships - or give them away for FREE - complete with a new drivers license and passport 
in any name you choose?

Chapter #6 - Fake Passport Method - Page 63
We give you 7 different online sources for high-quality fake passports you can use to create a new identity. 100% Legal!

You also get:
Quickly get a new or 2nd drivers license
Legally create a clean new credit record
Legally change your name - and keep it a Complete Secret!
Change your social security number - 100% Legal!
Online sources for legal fake passports
Live in towns where no one asks questions
Plan your total disappearance (So no one can find you!)
Travel secretly (Both US and Foreign)
Create as many verifiable employment references as you like!Legally get new credit cards in new names without a credit check
and much, much more... 176 pages in all!

New for 2008!
You get our exclusive step-by-step identity changing guide - Plus 3 Free Bonus Reports:

Free Bonus Report #1  - "Quick Credit Creation"
Learn the quickest and easiest way to create a completely new credit record. Discover how to get major new credit cards - no credit check needed! 

Free Bonus Report #2  - "The Perfect Resume"
Finally, you can have an absolutely perfect resume - no matter how bad your work history is! True insider information - a hiring manager reveals ALL!

Free Bonus Report #3  - "How to Get Lost"
Walk away from your past problems so that no one, and I do mean no one - will ever find you!

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